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Usual routine. by naoyatoudo
Usual routine.
An old piece I did for a charity artbook! It was fun working on this piece. I wish I have more time and dedication to make such piece ; _ ; Since only a week left for my holiday, I think I should make at least a piece with full background for the sake of it. 

I am quite inactive in dA nowadays, so sorry if I barely reply anything- but I'm always on twitter and tumblr(also facebook, if you knew me there). 
Hit me up on both if you still want to interact<3 
Adoptables-SOLD by naoyatoudo
Hello! this design was meant to be submitted for a competition, but due to some unfortunate event and bad internet, my submission didn't get through-and thus now it's up for adoptables! 
i haven't think about the price, Ab and stuff, so I'd like to upload it here first and officially open the bid/sellout tomorrow! 
(Not sure whether it'll be fixed price or auction.)

Anyway I've been dead for sooo long holy have you been guys :iconlazeplz:

AB'd by :iconmoondust70: !
Love Live-SR Kotori! by naoyatoudo
Love Live-SR Kotori!
Available as A4/A3 prints for AFAID. 
Dude, I'm so in love with this outfit. It's so cute :iconwakahisacryplz: !!
(FnS)Nakashima Atsushi by naoyatoudo
(FnS)Nakashima Atsushi
for :iconfukashinoshiranai:

[Nakashima Atsushi]
[I don't mind being lonely.]


[Height]  182cm                               [Weight] 67kg                           [Orange-light brownish]
[Haircolor] Red-dark brown                          [Bloodtype]  O                      [Birthday] October 21


[Year]  II                    [Class] -                      [Club] -
[**ID#] -                       [GPA] 2.9                          [Locker#] -



Gentle/considerate/patient/humble/low self-esteem/inactive/Insecure

Growing up as the oldest brother who has to take care of his little sisters, he learn how to be gentle and patient towards people in general. Others always come first, or so he thought(Occasionally followed by regret, though)

Since he rarely play outside with his friends ever since he's in 5th grade, he's pretty awkward when it comes to taking initiative to do something-in example, taking a role as the class president. Taking role as the school committee also not his thing, either. But if his friends need help that has something to do with it, he doesn't mind(Just don't sign him up as the member, He couldn't handle that...)

He's not particularly good at anything that is school related, his grade is average(His only best subject is english), his sport skill is also average, resulting him to has low self-esteem, especially when it comes to the matter. His skill in cooking and household matter might be impressive, but he thought that's nothing to be proud of, since it has become a habit anyway.(He also thought that's normal)

Since he thought that he has no special skill, he doesn't have a big dream or aiming for anything in particular, he's rather insecure about his future. He thought he'll just take over his mother's cafe, and work there living a normal and peaceful life.


The eldest child in the family, Atsushi as the big brother take cares a lot of his little sisters since he's in 5th grade. Both of his parents are busy working,  His mother owns a small cafe and his father working as a businessman with a so-so salary, enough for the family living on its own, at least. He rarely play outside with other kids after school(He have to babysit his little sisters), resulting him having only a few of friends in his early school days. There's still some, but not that much, you see?

He doesn't make it as a big deal, though it can get lonely sometimes, but he understand his situation well. His mother earns money for the family's savings, so he doesn't want to burden his mother. In his spare time at home(while watching both of his sisters), he usually spend it by either reading his mother's collection of recipe book or surfing the internet, looking at various recipe video or just chat with friends he made online. He started to take interest in making his own cooking video and share his own home made cooking he usually made for his sisters. he ends up uploading some cooking video in his spare time while taking care of his little sisters, and gains lots of subscribers..

When his little sister are old enough to take care of theirself, he started to lend a helping hand at his mother's cafe.(Not everyday,  in the end his time got divided into two: to lend a hand at the cafe and to do house chores, together with his sisters.)

Up until now, he still does, but not as much because he's in his high school years already(his mother thought a high schooler needs to socialize more. She also feels bad for making Atsushi helping her all the time.. he almost never complains, but that's the main problem here!'A normal high schooler should've complained, shouldn't he!?' said her mother.)

Nowadays, even though he has more time to spend outside with his schoolmates, since he doesn't have much friend to begin with, he ended up spending his time cooking at home, and just occasionally going somewhere with some of his best friends.


[Points] 500pts


-Watching cooking video
-Trying new dish
-Take a nap
-Reading Stephen King's novel(his father's collection), recipe book(mother'c collection)
-animal in general
-100 yen store

-When people ask him to be the class president or joining the committee
-When animal hates him(it gives an impact to his self esteem even more)
-When his schedule not going according to plan
-over cooked instant noodles
-over expensive stuff that can be bought easily in 100yen store

other stuff:
-Hides his identity as 'kinda famous cooking channel' to classmates because he's afraid they'll either mock him or ask him to cook everyday(That's pretty tiring, he's already cooking for his sisters and sometimes, the whole family even..)
-surprisingly good at lying(and hiding oneself feelings)
-since he reads and surfing at the net a lot, his eyesight is kinda bad. (-4 at both eyes)
-Used to record his video with his smartphone, nowadays he uses digicam to record everything. Uploads one every 2 weeks or whenever he feels like it.
-His little sisters are twins, they're 5 years apart.



I prefer headcanon via twitter, but lit rp is also OK. Script it also fine by me.
(LINE, twitter, skype, dA comments, notes!)

So long, see you again by naoyatoudo
So long, see you again
Another sky painting. It's really relaxing to do...

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